Stephan and Thomas, two whisk(e)y enthusiasts from Switzerland who met through the same interests and have been into everything related to the liquid gold for almost two decades.

We're not only enthusiastic about whisk(e)y, but also about Scotland, Ireland, and their nice people. On our numerous journeys to these countries, we were lucky enough to have made remarkable acquaintances, met great friends and discovered many whisk(e)y treasures.

It is our passion to track down exceptional single cask bottlings and to offer them exclusively here.

We hope you like our whiskies as much as we do, and we wish you enjoyable moments with our drams!

Slàinte mhath

​​​​​​Stephan - Springbank Whisky School 2019
​​​​​​Thomas - Bruichladdich Cask Visit ​​​​​​​2015