​​​​​​​A wonderful long–aged Single Grain from the Cameronbridge distillery, displaying an abundance of tropical fruits. Due to the extremely long cask maturation of over 46 years, its alcohol abv fell slightly below the 40% mark, which however does not at all impair the high quality of this "Single Grain Spirit". It is highly pleasant and enjoyable both on the nose and on the palate.

Cameronbridge distillery lies north of Edinburgh and is part of the Diageo group. The annual outturn of the three Coffey Stills used there reaches some 30 million liters of alcohol, mostly used for blended scotch. Cameronbridge is the oldest active grain distillery in Scotland.

A real gem and great value for money.

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Our personal tasting notes:


Colour: Bright gold nugget.

Nose: Tropical fruits in abundance. Tropical fruit salad, mango, kiwi. Custard in the background. Well balanced.

Mouth: Highly pleasant and smooth. Dominating aromas of ripe exotic fruits of all kinds. Some cassis and a hint of mild oak notes.

Finish: Medium, enjoyably reverberant, fruit cocktail, cassis.

Verdict: Magnificent super-old Single Grain. Gets you into holiday mood ("beach in the tropics"). Pleasurable, balanced, and still robust.

This Scottish Single Grain, said to be from Cameronbridge, was distilled in 1976 and matured in a hogshead for more than 43 years.

Cameronbridge Distillery is based north of Edinburgh near the little town of Leven and started legal distilling in 1824. Therefore it's the oldest active Grain Distillery in Scotland.
Owned by Diageo, the annual capacity is approximately 30 Mio. litres of alcohol.
Most of it goes into Blends such as Johnnie Walker, J&B or Vat 69.

As single cask bottlings  from Cameronbridge are very rare, we're proud to have found this old Single Grain for our first bottling.

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Whisky Fun (Serge Valentin) has published tasting notes on www.whiskyfun.com on 26 April 2021, and rated our Scottish Single Grain with 85 points. The tasting notes can be read under News.

Here's the link to the tasting notes of WhiskyNotes/Belgium with its rating of 87 points: www.whiskynotes.be

A tasting video by Whiskynotes CS can be found on YouTube: 

Tasting notes from Whisky-news.com

Our personal tasting notes:

Colour: Shining bright gold.

Nose: Vanilla, butterscotch, marzipan, candy floss, pure honey, overripe melons.

Mouth: Silky texture; very smooth with fresh ripe yellow fruits like mango, apricot, melons and more. And a touch of vanilla.

Finish: Mild; medium long. Tropical fruits with some spicy notes coming from the long time the liquid spent in the cask. It may remind you a bit of an aged rum extraordinaire.

Verdict: Superb ultra-old single grain whisky. Fresh, gentle, but not at all fragile; all you can expect from top-notch grain and much more.