Irish Single Malt Whiskey

This Irish Single Malt has been distilled at Cooley Distillery, north of Dublin on the Cooley Peninsula. 
It matured for more than 17 years in a barrel before having been bottled for us.

1987, Cooley was converted from a potato plant into a Whiskey Distillery by John Teeling.
In 2011, Jim Beam bought Cooley from John Teeling and transferred it to Suntory only 3 years later.

The  standard whiskies produced at Cooley's are Connemara and Tyrconnell Single Malt and one Single Grain called Kilbeggan.

​​​​​​​Both still types, pot and column, are used in production, but unlike most Irish Distilleries, the whiskey is only distilled twice instead of three times.

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Whisky Fun (Serge Valentin) has published exciting tasting notes on on 23 March 2021, and rated our Irish Single Malt with solid 87 points. The tasting notes can be read under News.

Here's the link to the tasting notes of WhiskyNotes/Belgium with its rating of 88 points:

A tasting video by Whiskynotes CS can be found on YouTube: #29. Secret Irish 17 years old - by DramCatcher

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Our personal tasting notes:



Colour: Shining bright gold.

Nose: Fresh with citrus and orange zest; slightly floral. After a few minutes it’s becoming fruitier (actually very fruity), notably pineapple, apricot, peach and jackfruit.

Palate: Powerful; tropical sweetness (mango, pineapple, etc.); some herbal notes lingering in the background; multi-layered and complex.

Finish: Nice and long; alternately with fruity, herbal and grassy notes. Nice sweetness shining through; leaves a prickling feeling in your mouth.

Verdict: Outstanding Irish single malt whiskey, that needs some time in the glass. Perfectly balanced in the middle in between the rather grassy style of some young Irish whiskey and the ultra-tropical flavours of some 20+ yo from the early 1990. Fruits and herbs, it's all there. Depending on your mood, you will pick up different flavours each time you enjoy a dram. Also, worth playing with a little added water.