11 March 2024
Whisky Fun has recently rated our Invergordon 1972 with 90 points and published the following tasting notes (taken from www.whiskyfun.com, 27 February 2024): 

Invergordon 50 yo 1972/2023 (41.5%, DramCatcher, hogshead, cask #106192, 60 bottles)                      Another micro-outturn for our close neighbours and friends in Switzerland. Colour: full gold. Nose: a little less emphatic, a little more delicate, closer to Italian pastries, amaretti, panettone, orange blossom, plus a pack of proper white nougat from Provence (not the ones you buy along the autoroute) and a touch of high-class pipe tobacco. Almost no one's smoking pipes anymore (except for a well-known Italian gentleman from Formigine) but I have fond memories of the smells inside the Dunhill shop, Jermyn Street, London. Another dazzling nose. Mouth: we're now extremely close to the 1973. To be honest they are hardly distinguishable, although this 1972 may display a few extra-notes of blood oranges. Finish: nougat à l'orange, vanilla cake, the expected coconut notes (but they behave) and this welcome green tea in the aftertaste. Comments: superb.
SGP:740 - 90 points.

07 March 2024
We look back on a beautiful and successful Whiskyship in Lucerne. Thank you all for your visit!

09 October 2023

​​​​​​​The DrC bottlings family got a new member a short while ago: Our long awaited 32yo North British 1991 Single Grain finally arrived. The wait was worth it: Captivating aromas of coconut, vanilla, fresh exotic fruits and a hint of floral notes spoil the nose and the palate of any connoisseur. An absolute gem of a grain, as confirmed by the number of sold bottles during the Whiskyshiff Hallwilersee.

Now available from our shop and ready for tasting at the forthcoming Whisky & Music Festival.

06 October 2023
WhiskyNotes CS, Christian Simunic, has dedicated a detailed tasting video to our Invergordon 1972, 50yo. His conclusion: "a poem".

04 September 2023

Our latest bottling made it just in time for the Whiskyship Hallwilersee.

An Invergordon Single Grain from 1972. Aged for 50 years, it is our oldest whisky so far.

Definitively a dram you will want to have tasted.


24 May 2023

Whisky Fun has recently rated our Glenrothes 1997 with 87 points and published the following tasting notes (taken from www.whiskyfun.com, 02 May 2023): 

Glenrothes 23 yo 1997/2021 (51.3%, DramCatcher, hogshead, cask #715773)                             
Wasn't 1997 a good vintage everywhere in Scotchland? Colour: white wine. Nose: classic cakes, scones, muffins and shortbread, with some custard this time, plum jams, and then herbal teas in all their guises, chamomile first, as often. With water: more grassy touches, hay, flower compost (just a tiny bit), then Ovaltine again, cappuccino, a tiny drop of Maggi… Maggi is very important at WF Towers and part of the three essential resources. Electricity, whisky and Maggi. Right. A tiny touch of coconut in the balkc or the back. Mouth (neat): very good indeed, just as malty as the Cadenhead, with more fudge and toffee this time, millionaire shortbread, roasted peanuts, chestnut honey, tartes and cakes, crème brulée once more… With water: just excellent, with more butterscotch and cider. Finish: medium and just as malty and cakey as Cadenhead's 1996. Comments: great drops, these slightly uncomplicated Glenrothes.
SGP:561 - 87 points.

05 April 2023

Thank you all for the numerous visits to the Whisky Ship Lucerne.
It was a great 3 days with many exciting conversations and new acquaintances.

Of course, we would also like to thank the OC for the successful event!

17 March 2023

Whisky Fun has recently rated our Cameronbridge 1974 with 87 points and our Glen Moray 2007 with 86 points, and published the following exciting tasting notes (taken from www.whiskyfun.com, 10/15 March 2023): 

Cameronbridge 46 yo 1974/2021 (37.6%, Dramcatcher, single grain spirit, hogshead, cask #3) 
Not whisky anymore at 37.6%, but it could have been in the old days, I believe the limit was at 65°UKproof not too long ago. Colour: gold. Nose: hey! Old waxes, tropical cordials (pineapple), new-world chardonnay, custard, blancmange, cheesecake, marshmallows, butter cream, meringue… Mouth: fantastic. Indeed this is not quite whisky, it's rather some kind of very precious soft drink, or some cocktail made by a un-narcissistic hence skilled bartender who's NOT on Insta or TikTok. Banana juice, soft rum, barley sugar, apple juice perhaps, orgeat… Finish: short, which is normal, with something of a Scottish pina colada or something. Cappuccino in the aftertaste. Absolutely lovely. Comments: beware these go down way too easily. Oh and 1974, that's Robert Wyatt's Rock Bottom, so no wonder... 
SGP:640 - 87 points

Glen Moray 14 yo 2007/2022 (52.4%, Dramcatcher, bourbon barrel, cask #6211) 
To be able to catch some drams has been a dream of ours for decades, has it not. Let's check this new baby from our friends in Switzerland… Colour: straw. Nose: much, much deeper into anything malty and chalky, with some paraffin and lamp oil, cider apples, green pears, porridge… It is very typically Glen Moray as nature intended (if you will). With water: bonbons coming out, bubblegum, marshmallows… Also more chalk yet, after a short while. Mouth (neat): massive notes of fruit peel, grass, more paraffin and porridge, more chalk as well, drops of grapefruit juice… With water: very good. IPA, fruit drops, green tea… Finish: medium, on similar tones of fruity beers and artisanal cider. Comments: pure malt whisky. Lovely green fruits, breads etc. Classic. 
SGP:551 - 86 points

1 March 2023

From 30.3. – 1.4. 2023, the Whiskyships will be anchored in Lucerne again. We will be there with our stand on the upper deck of the "MS Waldstätter" on all 3 days where you can try our DrC bottlings and various rarities.

27 February 2023

We are very happy and proud of our two new bottlings, an Ardmore 2009 and a Glen Moray 2007. The bottles are available from the shop.

9 February 2023

Unfortunately, the first Whisky fair of the year, the W&M Festival in the Volkshaus in Zurich, is already history.

It was a successful occasion and nice to meet well-known and new Whisky enthusiasts.

Thank you all for the numerous visits to our stand.

16 January 2023

DramCatcher at the Whisky & Music Festival

We will participate in the Whisky & Music Festival at the Volkshaus in Zurich on February 3rd and 4th, where we will present our 2 new bottlings. A 14 year old Glen Moray and a 12 year old Ardmore, of course both single casks and bottled at cask strength.

Tickets for the fair:


 And a little teaser of our new bottlings:


23 December 2022

​​​​​​Our Secret Islay is among the top 5 whiskies in the category 100.- plus at WhiskyNotes CS (Christian Simunic), thank you Christian.

11 October 2022

We would like to thank everyone who visited us on the Whiskyship Hallwilersee. We had many interesting and exciting conversations and look back on two successful days.​​​​​​​

We plan participating again in 2023, and we are already looking forward to it. 

Prior to that, however, some other highlights will be coming up. 

Such as the Whisky and Music Fair in Kemptthel "The Valley" on Fri. 28 October 2022.

17 August 2022

On September 30th and October 1st 2022, we will be present on the Whiskyship Hallwilersee, location Seehotel Hallwil.

With over 20 exhibitors one of the largest trade fairs in central Switzerland.

28 February 2022

Save the date !
​​​​​​​We will be hosting the whisky part at the Whisky & Music Tasting at the Volkshaus Zurich on Friday, June 24th, 2022.

15 December 2021​​​​​​​

While looking for further bottlings, we have already tried some Whiskies, partly at home but also during our last visit to Scotland in September. We came across a Hogshead who we think fits very well into our portfolio.
It`s a Dailuaine from the Speyside region, which was distilled on February 25, 2011. We were very impressed by the quality after 10 years in the cask, but in our opinion it is still "too young" and therefore needs a few more years of maturation before we can bottle it.

4 November 2021

Whisky-news.com tasted our Secret Grain and Secret Irish Single Malt. Many thanks to Patrick for his review. 

27 October 2021

Our bottlings are now also available from the Whisky Bibliothek in Herrenschwanden .
We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

23 August 2021

Effective immediately, DramCatcher may ship to Germany. See "Shipping & Payment" for details.

31 May 2021

The DramCatcher team recently tasted further interesting cask samples.

26 April 2021

Whisky Fun has rated our 1976 Scottish Single Grain with 85 points, and published the following
tasting notes (taken from www.whiskyfun.com, 26 April 2021): 

Secret Grain 43 yo 1976/2020 (45.1%, DramCatcher, hogshead, cask #940006)  
Even the grains are getting anonymous these days mind you (but whisky cynics would say these spirits are always anonymous anyway). Colour: light gold. Nose: lovely varnish/glue, touches of acetone, green apples, cellulose, a box of cigarillos, then rather tropical fruits, especially bananas and guavas, sponge cake topped with custard, shortbread... Pleasant freshness and even complexity here. The varnishy notes do not bother me, on the contrary. Mouth: not too thin, rather enticing, on the expected coconut water and vanilla cream, plus fine touches of lemon, then several herbal and rooty notes from the old cask, celeriac, chartreuse, fir liqueur… All that never quite becomes big, but remember this is only grain whisky.  Finish: citrus winning it all, which is good. Lemon balm too. Comments: not big but tight and even refreshing. Forgot to mention thin mints in the aftertaste. Very good grain but as always, they need very long aging, that and sometimes good thick sherry to bring some body.
SGP:551 - 85 points

25 April 2021

DramCatcher at work – Checking cask samples for potential new bottlings. Unfortunately, no sample was able to convince us and so we have to look out for other casks.

26 March 2021

Whisky Fun has rated our 2002 Irish Single Malt with solid 87 points, and published the following exciting tasting notes (taken from www.whiskyfun.com, 23 March 2021): 

Secret Irish 17 yo 2002/2020 (48.7%, DramCatcher, barrel, cask #11464) 
Some copy on the label leads us to believe this is single malt from Cooley. Colour: white wine. Nose: lovely drop, one of the better Cooleys. Mango cake, sweeter sunflower oil, pink bananas, melons, whiffs of menthol, fresh caraway seeds… It's not as bombastically fruity as the indie Bushmills, but I find this extremely well built and irreproachable. One of the better ones indeed, so far. Mouth: same feelings, lovely softer citrus, a wee touch of demerara syrup, melons, mangos, bananas… It's just a tad sweeter (as in 'sugar', ha) than we expected when nosing it. Finish: long and almost liqueury. No ideas where that came from, as it is impossible anyone added any forms of sugar to this lovely make. Comments: I'm reminded of Corsican 'Cédratine' here. Stuff for connoisseurs only.

SGP:741 - 87 points

17 March 2021

DramCatcher is really proud that the renowned whisky blog "WhiskyNotes" from Belgium tried and rated our first two bottlings. The detailed tasting notes can be found here: www.whiskynotes.be

Big thanks to Ruben.

13 March 2021

Our 43-year-old Single Grain Whisky was also tasted by WhiskyNotes CS on YouTube.

In our opinion, very successful and again a big thank you to Christian.

#30. Secret Grain 1976 with 43 years - by DramCatcher

10 March 2021

We are very pleased that the Whisky-Lounge in Itingen BL (www.whisky-lounge.ch) added our
1976 Single Grain Whisky to its range.

With over 850 different Whisk(e)y, the Whisky-Lounge is always worth a visit.

5 March 2021

WhiskyNotes CS (Christian Simunic) has released a cool video about our Irish Single Malt Whiskey on YouTube.
Great; thank you very much, Christian!

#29. Secret Irish 17 years old - by DramCatcher

1 February 2021

We're online!
All bottles are now ready and can be ordered here in our online shop.

December 2020

​​​​​​​Just before Christmas we started with the labeling.

28 November 2020

Our first two bottlings finally arrived in Switzerland, waiting to be labeled.