​​​​​​​Ballechin 2005

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

DramCatcher paid a visit to Signatory in Pitlochry in early 2022 and could draw various cask samples, including this 16 year old Ballechin matured in a 2nd Fill Sherry Hogshead. We were blown away and had the entire cask bottled exclusively for us.

Originally, Ballechin was a distillery nearby today's Edradour distillery, founded 1810 and closed in 1927. To commemorate that former distillery, Edradour releases its peated whisky variants under the brand "Ballechin". The whisky is heavily peated with approx. 50ppm.

Thanks to the maturation in a 2nd fill sherry cask, the sherry aromas are by no means over-dominating, but rather elegantly woven into the peaty profile of this whisky. This Ballechin presents itself as a very powerful, multi-layered and well balanced dram. It would easily pass as a Port Charlotte in any blind tasting.

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Our personal tasting notes:

Colour: Mahogany.

Nose: Heavenly balanced sherry tones, toffee tablets, hints of leather and some smoked ham, uprising peat smoke.

Palate: A powerhouse! The peat is very present now, mocca, dark berries (blackberry?), earthy notes, nice oloroso sweetness; luscious and opulent mouth feeling.

Finish: Long, warming, dark chocolate, beautifully integrated peat smoke lingering on the tongue endlessly.

Verdict: Peaty rollercoaster.