​​​​​​​Blair Athol 2009

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

W&M Festival Bottling 2023

Picturesque Pitlochry is pretty much half way up from Edinburgh to Inverness. The town is home base for many outdoor activities in the region. And home of Blair Athol where whisky has been produced since 1798. With interruptions indeed, but the distillery nevertheless is one of the oldest in Scotland. Today, Blair Athol is part of Diageo's multinational group and with its overgrown façade, provides anytime for an exceptional photo opportunity.

With an approximate yearly outturn of 2.5 million liters, Blair Athol is among the medium-sized Scottish distilleries. Its single malt is not seen too often, given that way more than 90% of the production is used for Diageo's blended malts (notably Bell's). We feel honoured to offer such an amazing single cask bottling as festival release for the Whisky & Music Festival 2023.



Our personal tasting notes:

Colour: golden yellow.

Nose: Sweet fruitiness and very refreshing. Banana, apple and some citrus cake. A freshly baked brioche. Some Christmas flavours are delicately recognizable in the background: Cinnamon and nutmeg, oriental spices. Highly pleasant.

Palate: The impressions on the nose are beautifully reconfirmed. Loads of fresh fruits and a vital mouth feeling. The bananas and the apples are still on stage and joined by pears, peaches and gooseberries. Honey-sweetness can be found too. And the spices make an appearance as well, combined with subtle floral notes. Multi-layered and gripping.

Finish: The fruits give way to an increasingly spicy character. Warming, medium-long finish.

Verdict: A multifaceted dram for many occasions. Relax and enjoy!