​​​​​​​Secret Islay 2011

Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This Islay single malt matured in a port barrique since 2011. It was distilled on the south coast of Islay, at Laphroaig distillery as rumor has it. The Port influence on this distillate is just right, it is well embedded and blends delightfully with the peaty medical profile of this Islay whisky.

The 1815 founded distillery lies on a small idyllic bay and operates warehouses right on the shore. The salty sea breeze significantly contributes to the typical style of the Laphroaig whiskies.

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Our personal tasting notes:

Colour: Copper coin in the sunset.

Nose: Gentle sweet smoke, dried plums, figs, and dates. Grilled Cervelat (traditional Swiss sausage) and BBQ beacon. Tobacco and some dark chocolate. Very exciting and promising.

Palate: Port-sweetness covered by peat and some salty ocean gust. Maple syrup. Bonfire with barbecue meat and dates wrapped in beacon. Some herbs lingering in the background. A lot of "oomph"!

Finish: Long and keeps going. Salty, medicinal, maybe a bit earthy too. Gentle smoke on dried plums and dates.

Verdict: Perfect combination of mild smoke and delicate sweet port, very nicely integrated and married. A lot of power. A dram for Lucky Luke after a BBQ in the prairie!